Healthfully Living



All services are focused to relieve your pain, relax your body, and renew your energy. We accomplish this by also including in each service ways to help you become more empowered about your health and well-being.

Massage services may include the use of essential oils, stones, stretching, vibration massage, and exercises.

"Jamie offers a different type of massage that uses a variety of modalities, that I feel will benefit everyone. She has a vast knowledge of the body and knows how to use that knowledge to get results." –B. W.

Hand made creams are blended by Jamie to provide the optimal blend of glide, friction, and absorbency to soothe and nurture your skin. The cream is unscented, but can be formulated with an essential oil scent if you choose.

Creams are also available for purchase

Oils used in each session are a blend of jojoba, apricot kernel, and vitamin  E to nourish your skin and provide optimal glide and friction.

Additionally, heated moist towels may be applied in your service. Please be sure to inform Jamie if you have any sensitivity to nuts, scents or heat.



Reiki and Yoga

Reiki is a an energy healing technique. Reiki is also a spiritual intuitive healing art. Reiki Facilitates your inner healing rather than healing being "done" to you. Reiki functions on the premises that we are already whole, and to facilitate corrections in our being that may have gone out of alignment from the whole in any way. Reiki is deeply relaxing with clients having different and sometimes profound experiences from session to session.

The Yoga that I teach is mainly focused on meditation, relaxation, breath work and stretching. So the Real Yoga is much more than this. I keep it simple to movement and awareness, catering to your skill level and what you will to achieve.

Thai Massage and Reflexology

Thai Yoga Massage is not traditional massage therapy. It's origins predate India and was later established in Thailand as a medical model for health and wellness.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy widely accepted and recognized by the Complimentary and Alternative Medical fields as well as traditional Medical. Reflexology is not massage. Sometimes it is referred to as Zone Therapy, because of the different zones "mapped" on the feet and hands.