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I am glad you found you way here to this resources page. These resources are specifically chosen to provide you with the tools to take action to discover, learn and transform- all in a natural way. As I have spoken so many occasions "listen to your body, you already have so much within you, and healing comes from within you."

These books authored by Judy Garrido, I can speak from experience have been an asset and value to holding me in a position of gratitude, respect, honor and love of all that I am.

The Everyday Subtle Energetic Influences book opens up a whole new world (for some of you), and for others it will provide further detail and description on all the different ways we experience energy, and how they influence could call it a practical foundation of subtle energy.

These books could have a positive impact on your life as well. Start discovering You!

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Every day Subtle Energetic Influences and how to transform them

Takes you on a journey to hopefully better comprehend the subtle ways we experience energy every day. It’s intended to not only educate you, but to empower you with 12 techniques you can apply on your own, while increasing in your awareness of these subtle energetic influences. It focuses on how YOU can transform YOUR energy.



Appreciating Me Journal

A place to write about all the wonderful and amazing things you’ve done in your life, and help you recognize your value. It helps you to recognize that it’s not about what others think or feel about you, but what YOU think and feel about you. This book has been purposely created in paperback format for ease of travel.