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Whaltat Reiki Is:


Reiki is a spiritual intuitive healing art.
​"Rei" describes the universal intelligence in all that exists. "Ki" describes the life force that animates and flows through all life forms. Together they combine as Reiki, utilizing the healing energies that are innately and universally present.

Reiki sessions promote balance and relaxation of the body.

Allowing the body to truly relax is where the body begins to heal itself. If you have difficulty relaxing, Reiki may be a great benefit to you to help bring you back in balance. It may take a few treatments to fully experience optimal relaxation. 





Reiki is not:

A religion. Reiki is non-denominational, and those from all faiths and backgrounds can benefit from performing and receiving Reiki.

A massage. There is no rubbing, gliding or soft tissue manipulation in any way. You remain fully clothed.

Limited to working in person. Distance Reiki, is the term used for this.

A substitute for medical care when indicated.

Analytical, a concept, idea or belief.

*It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of receiving Reiki, healing will take place but it may happen in an unexpected way


"Recently I experienced a distance Reiki session with Jamie!  I felt very safe. I felt heat and energy in my body as she was doing what she is aware to do. I was sooo relaxed . I felt a boost of energy and calm at the same moment when it was complete and that feeling lasted for the remainder of the day! Jamie is extremely capable and has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. She is equally proficient and professional when working long distance as she is in person." S.K.