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Reflexology/ Zone Therapy

Natural Balancing

A typical foot reflexology treatment lasts 45-50 minutes and it is generally recommended that a course of 4-6 weekly treatments is considered, however the frequency of treatments is up to you, and may vary depending on your state of health and long term objectives.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy totally safe for people, including the elderly to pregnant women, and those just seeking overall wellness. Whilst reflexology works very well alongside conventional medicine, it should never be used in place of seeking professional medical advice.
It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing so that you feel relaxed.

I may apply a small amount of cream or powder to work my fingers and thumbs across the reflex points on your feet. I usually work on one foot at a time. I may work both hands and/or feet during the course of a full treatment and may revisit certain areas repeatedly to help balance particular reflexes. The pressure should be firm but not painful.

After your treatment, you will be advised to drink plenty of fresh water (ideally at least 8 glasses in 24 hours), to help flush toxins from your body.