Healthfully Living

Integrative stress relief with Yoga - 1 1/2 hour

In this service I begin with coaching clients about their lifestyle and stress, and how stress affects them. We create a step by step guide, to reach a goal in relieving stress in their lifestyle. We go over the benefits of yoga, what yoga is and how to create a space in their home to practice restorative postures. We also create ways to include poses to do in the work place.

I teach clients breathing techniques to learn how important it is to clear and boost their energy. We also refresh on techniques they may have already been taught, or do specific energy techniques to help in the moment. 

Many people find relief from stress and tension with Yoga and stretching, so this is included in this session. We do a guided restorative yoga sequence and meditation to balance and align the vital energy centers (chakras), and glands of the endocrine system.