Healthfully Living

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Healthfully Living LLC does not offer a guarantee on results, as your own personal success is ultimately up to you. Healthfully Living will assist, facilitate, and aid on your journey, but I will not proclaim to “Heal or fix you” or take responsibility for achievement of your goals. That’s up to you.

Any information or testimonials presented on this website does not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual. Each person's experience is unique.

  • Services are designed to be a health aid and are in no way intended to take the place of a doctor's care when indicated. 
  • There may be contraindications to massage. A referral for an alternative service or an approval from your medical doctor may occur.
  • Medications:  need to be disclosed. When taking pain medications the result is in not being able to indicate when pressure is too much. 
  • Surgeries: cautionary work with massage on/around surgical sites.
  •  I am not a physician and do not diagnose in any way or prescribe drugs.

Participating in the services offered by Healthfully Living LLC, indicates that you understand and accept the following: 

Personal body care: When coming to the office, please refrain from using excessive perfumes/colognes or heavily scented lotions.  Also, your personal cleanliness should be considered.

Confidentiality:  Your privacy, and any information shared with Healthful Living LLC, written and/or verbal, will not be shared in any form, without your permission, except:

a.)  when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself or others. 

b.) as required by law.

c.) if I am a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the client relationship (in which case client confidences may only be disclosed in the course of that action).

d.) At your written request or approval, and according to my capabilities, and good conscience, and professional judgment that I may I consult with other wellness professionals: therapists, physicians and/or teachers as appropriate to maximize the benefits to your care.

No Cell phones during your session: Not only can the sound disrupt your relaxation, it will also be a distraction.

Hydration: Please drink water prior and after our appointment to maintain healthy hydration that is vital for optimum results.

Fees:  All payments are due in full at the end of your scheduled appointment.  Healthfully Living LLC accepts all major credit/debit cards, cash, and checks. Credit/debit cards have a $3 fee added to single service sessions. Subscriptions are exempt.

A $35 fee will be added for checks returned due to insufficient funds. 

Once a client has scheduled an appointment online, a card is required to hold but will not be charged.

Subscriptions are charged once a month using your card on file. The massages within your subscription do not roll over if you do not use them. The purpose is to choose a subscription that you can commit to so you gain the benefits of a regularly scheduled massage, or massages each month. Some exceptions apply but, you MUST communicate with me in advance to discuss your situation.

Clients preferring to pay with cash: A card will be requested to keep on file, then you simply can pay with cash at time of your service.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide 24 hours’ notice or you will be charged full payment for the service.

Late Appointments/No-Shows: If you are late, the remaining time will be utilized for you session. No shows, failing to call and cancel carry a full charge for the session. Or, if you have a subscription for multiple massages/month, 1 will be deducted.

Your time is reserved for you only:  Appointments are scheduled to allow time to provide a complete session for you.  Please arrive 5 minutes early to your scheduled appointment.

The unexpected:  Healthfully Living LLC recognizes that on occasion unexpected events may occur, i.e. car incident, an acute illness or unexpected emergencies.  Should such an event occur that prevents you from canceling or rescheduling your appointment with a 24 hour notice, we reserve the right to release you from the cancellation policy.

CHANGE OF TERMS OF SERVICE: Healthfully Living LLC reserves the right to make any changes to this Terms of Service at any time.  Participating in or engaging any classes or sessions offered by Healthfully Living LLC, after changes have been made, indicates that you understand and accept the new changes.