Healthfully Living

In Client's own Words...

Thai Massage:

“As a yoga instructor, this type of massage is valuable and enhanced my practice. Thai massage has helped relax my muscles and created a sense of well-being.” –K. S.

Private Yoga Instruction:

"Jamie is so intuitive and always seems to know exactly what we need on a particular day without any advance notice.  She recognizes our limitations and encourages us to go as far as we can - without injury!  The environment she provides is nurturing.  Her voice is soothing." -C.M.M

Reiki and coaching:

"You should try at least one session and to have an open mind because it works." C.T.


"Jamie offers a different type of massage that uses a variety of modalities, that I feel will benefit everyone. She has a vast knowledge of the body and knows how to use that knowledge to get results." –B. W

" I have spent a lot of money at big chain massage places, but generally came away feeling like someone had just rubbed on me for an hour, and like they were just waiting for their lunch break. Jamie is the anthisis of this. We start with her asking what I am looking for this time, and how I am feeling. We talk a bit about my current needs, and then Jamie not only focuses on what I said, but on what my body tells her as well.  She hones in on exactly what I need, (sometimes I didn't even know I needed it!) and I without fail come away feeling fully revived physically and mentally." –L.R

“My experience with Jamie is one of professionalism, Jamie is always friendly and energetic offering many tips on how to keep your body working. She is in tune with the aches and pains of the body and seems to know just what to do." M. H.