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Whether you need to de-stress, rejuvenate, or support your healing, Healthfully Living offers a multitude of therapeutic modalities to naturally and holistically help you reach your wellness goals.

Massage Therapy doesn’t just help you to more deeply relax, it also reduces sore tight muscles, helps with injury recovery, increases blood and lymph circulation, and much more. 

We provide you with a multitude of healing modalities, centered around what you need the most to relieve your pain, relax your body, and renew your energy.

“My experience with Jamie is one of professionalism, Jamie is always friendly and energetic offering many tips on how to keep your body working. She is in tune with the aches and pains of the body and seems to know just what to do. It is a pleasure to be a client. Jamie is willing to tailor your massage to what is working for you.”  -M. H


Rates and More

Sessions Lengths:

1 hour, 1 1/2 hour,   2 hour & monthly subscription choices available.

All sessions may include a combination of various techniques, modalities, teaching/instruction, posture assessment, and referrals.


Taking care of YOU is a great habit to have.....

Regularly scheduled therapeutic sessions not only promotes quicker recovery and healing, but also helps you to more consistently maintain lower stress in the body (that is the reason for 75% to 95% of all doctor's visits), while also helping to maintain your overall well-being.

 Regular sessions nurture your body and mind, increase your awareness, and healing.


“A gift I give myself is visiting Jamie as often as possible, to take a short vacation of sorts. Her talent to take the aches and pains away with her hands is a true gift. Her compassion towards her craft is apparent in her efforts and kindness. If you are sincere in making yourself a priority, then treat yourself to a short vacation under her competent hands. It is advisable to schedule a massage on a regular basis to achieve the relief of pain and stiffness.” – P. D.

increase your energy and more with...


Reiki allows you to deeply de-stress, so your body can begin to heal. Help your body to naturally restore balance, increase energy, and more with this gentle energy healing modality.


Private Yoga Classes

De-stress while improving flexibility, building muscle strength, improve bone health, increase blood and energy flow, and so much more.

Classes provided at Jamie's home studio.


Reflexology/Zone Therapy

Reflexology Therapy increases circulation and helps the repair of nerve endings while re-balancing energy flow through your body.



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